Monday, June 30, 2014

Papa Large

The following are the best, 12 of about 50, Polaroid photos from James, who calls (called) himself "Papa Large." 
Not sure if he died, or an ex was pissed, but many of his belongings were thrown about the sidewalk right outside my front door. After a few days, I took the begrudging luxury of cleaning it up, and, though making a packette of stamps out of the raw deal, I also picked up the photo album to thumb through. 
In the pictures within, it looks as P-Large was documenting his first year of college in 1993. The photos make it seem like he had a fun time, which involved a lot of girls, but with how I came across his memento, I hope he is okay today.
I hope this post to be a meditation on how easily some can throw people away.







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